Amman Chamber of Industries exports during the first 11 months of this year dropped by 6.37% compared to the same period of 2016. The exports were affected by a drop of seven industrial sectors namely: Construction, packaging, filling, paper, carton, leather and textile. According to the chamber figures, the value of exports dropped to JD3.859 billion till November 2017, compared to JD4.121 billion during the same period last year. Mining sector exports reached JD877 million, while chemicals and cosmetics stood at JD646 million and JD573 million for medical industry. The figures also showed that the exports of food, agriculture, and livestock amounted to JD416 million, leather and textile reached JD389 million while engineering and ICT stood at JD378 million. The rest of the exports were in the sectors of packaging, paper, carton and stationary, amounting to JD283 million, plastic and rubber reaching JD166 million and the construction sector with JD110 million. Wood and furniture sector recorded the least  with JD22 million. India topped the list of countries which imported Jordanian industrial products over the last 11 months with a value of JD517 million, followed by Iraq with JD506 million, Saudi Arabia at JD498 million and the US with JD457 million. Regarding Jordanian exports to Palestine, an increase of 23.44 per cent was recorded with a value of JD147 million compared to JD119 million during the same period last year.However, exports to Syria increased by 160 percent reaching JD83 million compared to the first 11 months of 2016. The chamber's exports to Indonesia, China, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Sudan and Qatar also witnessed an increase, according to the report.  


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