Another local bank was robbed at gunpoint in the Wihdat neighborhood this Wednesday morning. Police Spokesperson Lt. Col. Amer Sartawi has made a statement, "No one was injured in the attack and we are currently searching for the suspect," Wednesday’s robbery is the second to be reported in the capital in the past two days. On Monday, a local bank was robbed at gunpoint by a sole gunman who managed to reportedly escape with JD98,000 before being arrested by authorities almost 90 minutes later. The suspect, wearing a baseball cap, entered the Etihad Bank Branch at 10:45 AM waving a gun and demanded cash from the teller, the Branch Manager Saed Haddadin said. “The teller asked me to come over since my office is in the back of the bank but did not inform me why and when I approached her, I saw the man waving a gun at me and demanding to get into the safe,” Haddadin, 32, told The Jordan Times. The branch manager added that the suspect warned him that if he alerted anyone to his presence he would start shooting. “I immediately opened the safe and the robber went inside and took the cash,” Haddadin added. “We are instructed by the bank management that employees’ safety comes first and not to resist an armed robber,” Haddadin explained. The suspect then escaped from the bank, that is situate in a busy market area and took a taxi. The suspect is now in custody of the police.


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